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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Last fall we finished this stage of the remodel (for the most part) right as the weather changed, it got cold wet and rainy quick. We used the patio as a staging area for lumber mixing concrete & cutting tile.  When we were done, all the tools got put up but there were a few things that were left out. This mess, is next on the clean up list.

In the summer this is usually one of my favorite spots on the patio.  Lots of shade for plants & a nice calm, quiet spot. Right now…. it’s a disaster

Messy patio 001

We’d moved the old table from the back deck to the corner near the hose (for the tile saw) and working in the shade…which just happens to be where I store my pots in the fall & winter.  With everything going on things got away from us pots & outside toys were placed in front of the mess.  We were burnt out, it was easier to let it go at the time.   Installing the water barrel  entailed shifting more pots, plants, hose hangers, potato buckets & the kids have been digging in the outdoor toys….It’s become a royal mess.Doll & Rain Barrel 002

Another leftover from the bathroom is all the scrap tile, angle cuts and slices. I hate to just throw them out, there’s got to be a way use them.. I just can’t think of any…...

Any ideas?


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  1. You could always make garden stepping stones with ready cement and lay the tiles in a pattern on top of the cement mixed with colored pebbles would make cute stepping stones. Try googling 'using up ceramic tile scraps' and I bet you would find a ton of ideas! It is a shame to throw them out. :o)


  2. Use them in a mosaic, add some broken crockery for colour maybe, or just coloured grout. Could be used as a chopping board or as Debbie says a stepping stone or just a pot stand!

  3. You could see if you can put them together and make hot plates out of em.


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