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Friday, March 30, 2012

Beautiful Spring Weather

Calls for a few day trips. 

I’d planned on a surprise trip to a park by the river with the kids but, nearby construction had the entire playground equipment covered in orange construction barriers.

Surprise surprise!

Not to let them down, we drove a mile further to

The Falls Of the Ohio

Such a beautiful spot, so close and we forget the many beautiful parks nearly in our own “backyard!

We found a shady table on a quiet path & I turned the kids loose to run, climb and play.


The photo’s are from my cell, so it’s not greatest. 

We played our version of “Where’s Waldo”

Can you find them in the photo below?


When I had shown Larry these photos, he said “how were the snakes”?


I’d forgotten this type of log pile is a favorite of theirs, toss in the warm weather and the fact we were climbing all over in this…I about wet my pants. 

Alix, remained unimpressed and slept through the afternoon

river 1

I think this summer we’ll be spending more time here..nearly in our own back yard!

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  1. Wow Katie, that looks like a FUN place! I would be there all the time...the snakes..well that's not a good thing though. LOL


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