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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is this amount OK?

What is the saying ….make plans and God laughs?

My plans for planting salad greens this morning have changed.  Last night we had some heavy rains storms which left the garden a soggy mess.  It needed raked well of any weeds left after tilling.  We had a real good crop of stink weed going for a while & I don’t want to be fighting them all summer.

With the change in plans I ended up in town for a groceries, eggs & a few other things (oh, for chickens of my own!)  Any way, as I was checking out something caught my eye.  The statement above my total bill had changed from prior visits. It went from.”Is this total correct” to “is this amount OK?”  Are you kidding me????

Heck no!!! That total is way to high! I bought the same items as last month and this months bill is about $10-15. higher. 

It looks like all the talk of hyper inflation is starting already.  Yet another reason to urging us further along the path of learning to do for ourselves.in a sustainable manner. 

Dandilion 003

Last nights rain brought a new crop of dandilions raising their bright yellow heads behind the house which reminds me I wanted to try my hand at making dandilion jam.   So I’m off to look up a few recipe’s. Might as well take advantage of what we’ve been blessed with right?

Any suggestions for tried and true recipes?


  1. Regarding food prices, ask me why I start foaming at the mouth and smoke comes out my ears when our nation's leaders keep saying unemployment is down and there is no inflation. Who the heck do they think is falling for that bull-tweet?

    I've not heard of dandelion jam, but it sounds interesting. Does it come out yellow? We just last night picked up some used wine making supplies we bought and my husband has been thinking about dandelion wine. (Ours - the dandelions - haven't made an appearance yet though.)

  2. Mama, I've heard this recipe http://www.simplycanning.com/dandelion-jelly.html#axzz1q3sWoxfE is the best out there. I've tried a few other recipes shes offered and they've turned out well. Ohhhh, wine, now we're talking!

  3. Dandelion jelly is the ABSOLUTE best!!! I make it yearly and have requests from friends at Christmas for the jelly to be their gift! It is so easy and it tastes just like wild honey. You won't be sorry!


  4. Debbie, would you have a recipe you'd be willing to share...pretty please?


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