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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is this March or May?

Everyone’s talking about this weird weather we’re having,  I can’t get over how warm it is and have to wonder what this means for the upcoming summer’s growing season.    With that thought in mind and, taking advantage of our beautiful weather this weekend Larry installed our first water barrel.  I bought it end of last summer and was able to purchase it at a really good priceDoll & Rain Barrel 001

It sure beats my system of buckets under down spouts when it rains….who am I kidding, I’ll still do that for other areas

It took a quick trip to the hardware store for a few gutter connector pieces, a little over an hours work and it was done. One step closer to sustainable living!

I’ll use it for the herb bed and pots on the patio. It’s hard to believe the county we live in wants to stop the use of these! They think it will create “dry areas”…. I think it has more to do with lost revenue as your sewer bill is based on your water usage.

Thankfully we are still on septic system….for now anyway.  They were scheduled to run sewer lines down our road 2 years ago so I’m not holding my breath for that to happen, They can take all the time they need

My next task is to get the patio cleaned up, it’s still cluttered up with the remnants of construction

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  1. Oh Katie, congrats on getting one step closer to sustainable living! Picking up the barrel at the end of the season was a smart idea! We are enjoying the same wonderful, warm weather and I hope Mother Nature isn't playing tricks on us!

    Enjoy your new watering system!


  2. Well, now you've got me thinking! We have our own well with plenty of water and the small pond that we can water the garden from. But we could have a couple of rain barrels in strategic spots. I could easily dip my watering can into them and use the water for the flower beds around our deck. I wouldn't have to drag the hose to those spots then. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Debby, Thanks for stopping in. It's one of many that are needed but at least it's one right? Yes, I'm afraid there will be tricks yet to be paid with this nice weather

  4. Mama, The pond would be a nice option but ours is down hill & to far away from the garden. I'll have to skim the top of the barrel every few days to keep the skeeter larve at bay


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