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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gardening Must Have’s

This morning while watching  the morning news, a mention of gardening in the next segment perked my ears right up like little radars.  Fresh cup of coffee in hand and notepad at the elbow I was ready to jot down notes for any new info that might piqué my interest.  I was a bit disappointed to hear the segment was on gardening attire…thinking expensive wellies & what not. 

Let me tell you, after I cleared the coffee from my sinus’s & key board I laughed so hard I woke Miss Evie

Attire shown was similar to this outfit, which is what we all wear right?

imagesIt  included accessories such as

images2 these which I’m sure are intended for soil aeration.


So, I  Google searched gardening attire for fun…… to see what main stream America finds important

Hats and head covering of all types and style were deemed the #1 item images5

for protection from the sun.  

images3Gloves to protect you hands were of course second on the list…

And proper tools for each task followed.

I’m sure my raggedy sundresses/cutoff shorts and tank tops are hopelessly out of fashion!  And the gardening police would defiantly ticket me for my lack of head covering and gloves!  And my baskets and plastic bowls to collect produce?  A major gardening No No!

What are your gardening must haves?

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  1. "... raggedy sundresses/cutoff shorts and tank tops are hopelessly out of fashion!.." Good Lord how could you ever dare to go outside! Bahahaha! Pffft! Oh and by the way I dress like that top woman to feed the animalas and muck out! I'm dead posh me!

  2. Now, how did they get in my closet and steal my best gardening outfit without me knowing it?

  3. Fantastic - I myself wear nothing less than my best cocktail gowns for digging spuds, doesnt everyone darling!

  4. Now ladies, don't forget the heels! LOL!

  5. Next they will be telling us to garden naked! That is crazy! Well, ok you did have a point with the heals...

  6. A garden would be a start. TEEHEE.

    Love those aerators. Snort.

  7. raggedy sundresses, cut off shorts and tank are my must haves... Sometimes the gardening creates them for me. I got a little too close to the fencing today and tore my shorts without realizing until Hubby was watching me pick green beans and commented on my pretty pink underwear!
    If I wore outfit number 1 and those spiked shoes I bet Hubby would help me in the garden everyday!
    Of course the neighbors would have to burn their eyes and never come out again...

  8. I like really loose clothing to garden in and I like to be bare foot. Don't know why guess I just like the feeling of the dirt on my feet. I also like clothing with pockets as it seems I am always wanting to keep something I find out there.


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