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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taking the Knitting on the Road or …er Plane

I receive a call from my sisters that my mother’s health is rapidly failing. Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying out to California for an undetermined amount of time. Yes, I’ll be taking the knitting with me.  I want and need to be there but, I know me and I’ll want and need to keep my hands busy. 

I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone but it will be as long as need be. I’m very Blessed to have such a supportive husband!  Letting go is never easy so your prayers and thoughts will be appreciated.

Right now the plan is……….

Any customs that are in line will still be completed, I’ll just ship from Calif.

For those of you who have wool in route…my family will send it to me as soon as it hits the mail box.  Yes, it will create a day or 2 delay but, most had at least a week wait before I could start so…… at this point I really don’t anticipate any significant delays.

My awesome, super suitcase packers (THANK YOU Erika & Danielle!) will still ship orders for completed items in the Etsy Shop

I’ll have my laptop with me so don’t hesitate to e-mail


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  1. So sorry Katie. My prayer will be that if our Lord does not see fit to heal your mother, she will go straight into his arms without any pain or stress.
    Were you not just out there last week? Was she ill then? You are so right that it is so hard to say goodbye and I will definitely keep you in prayer.

  2. You'll be in my thoughts *hugs*

  3. My ♥ goes out to you and your family.

  4. Praying for you & your family. Have safe travels!

  5. I will be keeping good thoughts for your mother and for you.

  6. Sending thoughts and prayers to you on your journey. Having your knitting with you will keep you grounded and fill hours that might be difficult.


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