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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Finds Me..

thankful for my garden & the time I can spend in it with the little’s in my life

Pickings and addition 020

From tiller to table, teaching them that the work we do pays off

Pickings and addition 014

sometimes it’s to the benefit of others & no matter what you do, once in a while thing just don’t work out

But that’s ok…you don’t give up, you try again.

Pickings and addition 015

Giving me the reminder that a garden is like children, it’s not just planting seeds,

but the seen and unseen they are exposed to

Pickings and addition 010

which form the strong vines of character they will develop & carry with them on the twisting paths life offers

& to live with purpose

Pickings and addition 008

Teaching them like the bloom, the heart is tender and life is fragile, and must be handled gently

What did you find in the garden today?


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  1. what a blessing of tremendous loving garden help in the form of a wee girl - or is that a pixie? so sweet :)

  2. No garden so I will just enjoy yours:) Happy to see a blog post. Missed you.

  3. Hey Victoria! Yes she is a sweetie. Stubborn as a mule but sweet

  4. Evie, thanks for finding your way back. It was time I got off my duff!


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