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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello SUNSHINE!!!!!

Wow, it's been a rough winter and spring. 
The lack of sunshine and cold weather had me in the blues.  I hadn't realized how bad it got till the sun came out. 
The first nice day we had I spent outside, doing a bit of garden prep. It felt like I was coming out of hibernation.....waking up in a way. Feeling alive for the first time since Christmas season. I owe quite a few phone calls and apologies for dropping off contact.
  It's a lesson for me to actively plan winter and cold weather activities for this coming winter.  (Shuddering even thinking of it)

Any way....THE SUN IS OUT!!!!!!!!

I've been digging in the dirt, the flip flops are out and I'm ready to dive in.  Mother nature gave us a bit of a tease with a false spring & we took advantage of it by tilling the garden.  Of course we tilled again a few weeks later as the soil packed with another heavy snow but....we got a jump on it. After adding all the rabbit poo these past few years the soil seems to be in great condition.

Peas, spinach, kale, carrots, broccoli, cabbage & radish are in. 

Most of the herbs are coming back but, I will need to replace a few due to the deep polar freeze we had this winter.

I've lots to catch up on, many of your posts yet to read....now that I've finally remembered my login info I'll even be able to comment!   Now, if I could only remember my live writer log in .....

Hope your all enjoying sunshine or, at least hear the dripping of snow melt!

Be back soon, I have lots of catching up to do


  1. Katie,
    Good to see you back. Yes, it's that time of year again to start planting and getting out summer clothing.

    Enjoy gardening!!!

    1. Hey Sandy! Thanks for stopping in. Have you been able to get yours started?

  2. Hi Katie, good to see you're out of hibernation mumma bear lol!

    1. Hey Sue!! Looks like you are starting in to fall on your side of the world!

  3. Hey Katie finally got back on line and am catching up myself.We got moved back home nd set up in our house we bought.I'm over at mistypines.blogspot.com now.


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